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Dam Assist Services: Dam Cleaning and Dredging.

For tailings & settling ponds, dams, waterways and large wet areas.

Specialising in coal fines, fly ash, sludge and silt at mine sites, sugar mills, farms, industrial sites and power stations.

The Dam-Assist Services “Landline Dredge System”

Our innovative use of a Ruston Bucyrus Dragline, combined Anchor Point and purpose-designed buckets, has been engineered to a standard allowing us to safely, efficiently and successfully retrieve wet waste with comparatively unlimited reach from large wet areas.

How do we do it?

Play the short video below and you’ll see how it works!

Why Choose Us?

Previously used methods have some or all of the following drawbacks:


Limited reach – only able to tackle edges of large ponds, leaving bulk of waste in middle.

Bucket not designed for slurry type materials.

Long Reach Excavator

Still has limited reach in large ponds, again leaving the bulk of waste in the middle.

Has a small bucket in comparison to a normal excavator due to weight imbalance.

Bucket not designed for slurry type materials.

Floating Dredge

Large and expensive to mobilise and expensive to move from one pond to another.

Requires up to 2/3 water to 1/2 solids ratio to operate, necessitating return water pumping situation. Difficult where water is in limited supply.

Creates another very wet area at the deposit site.

Traditional Dragline

Limited reach, similar to an excavator.

Bucket not designed for slurry type material.

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