Dredging Services

Our unique Landline Dredge System is what sets us apart

We’re able to conduct operations in damp to very wet conditions, with the specially designed ‘Bucket’ and Cable System (our Landline Dredge System).

We’re able to excavate the solids in water, thereby minimising:

  • Interruptions to Operations or Industry
  • Disturbance to the environment
  • Loss of water

The Operation enables direct loading of our ‘sealed’ trucks


  • There is insufficient area to deposit material
  • The sediment is required to be deposited at an environmentally designated dump/drying site

Minimal water content of sediment retrieved enables

  • Reduced drying time at deposit area for recycling.
  • Minimising containment area at deposit site.

Dam-Assist Service’s popular Truck Loading for Removal.

Our ‘Landline Dredge System’ having the ability of being able to load sediment effectively and efficiently directly into our ‘Regulated Waste Transport’ compliant, sealed, 30m3 Semi-Chassis Tiptrucks.

This allows haulage of 25m3 loads of waste to the environmentally designated dumpsite, effectively equating to the equivalent of 4 x 10m3 tandem body trucks, thereby increasing cost efficiency as well as reducing traffic.  

In conjunction with Dam-Assist Services SWI’s, Safe Work Instructions, the bulk removal of waste to designated disposal areas is facilitated in a safe manner.

  • The Operation involves winching the bucket across the base of the dam, via the return pulley attached to the Anchor Point (a tractor, situated on opposite bank), then retrieval of the bucket allowing excavation of sediment
  • The bucket is retrieved via it’s fulcrum points, by the Dragline, the sediment displacing water til full, transferring sediment weight to the rear of the bucket, allowing for easy retrieval.
  • The solids are then lifted up, slewed around and delivered into our trucks or up and over the bank.

Personal Service

Dam-Assist Services Pty. Ltd. is a family-owned company, based in Rockhampton, offering a specialised dredging service to satisfy the requirements of the many varied industries requiring such a service.

Upon receiving an enquiry for services, a company representative will arrange for an obligation free site inspection, to discuss what is required.

Planning can then commence in accordance with Dam-Assist Service’s ‘Safe Work Instructions’,(SWI’s), as outlined in the “Pre-Operative Site Inspection Checklist”. This assists in the development of a JSA for the site-specific operation.

We have over 20 years of specialised experience with a nil Injury/Incident record.

Dam-Assist Services has developed comprehensive SOP’s over this period to ensure safe, efficient & successful operations.

Sedimentation Dams, Tailing/Settling Ponds at Mines, Power Stations, Sugar Mills, Industrial Sites and Councils are all catered for where water conservation, compliance and/or capacity are major considerations.

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